Most ladies often choose a lace front wig when they desire to have an ear to ear coverage. Such coverage enables women to garner a hairstyle that apes a natural hairline. Applying wigs via an adhesive is very common; however, other ways exist for females to do this. When you want to learn methods involving the application of lace front wigs without adhesives, then wig grips, using clips, or sewing is an excellent choice. Every method has advantages and disadvantages; thus, the following outline about, for instance, using wig grips will help ease your decision-making process.

Installing lace front wigs via the use of a wig grip

A wig grip is often a soft, flexible cloth, which wraps around a female’s head to allow her to be able to fasten her wig. Using a wig grip is a good technique, especially when the lady in question is usually in constant motion. Experts highly recommend that a lady selects a band whose color is close to her complexion. Such a selection makes it more challenging to spot the band beneath the wig, more so for wigs lacking bangs. To implement this wig grip method, adhere to the outlined steps:

  1. Prepare your regular hair with a ponytail, cornrows, or braids. Then, proceed to utilize stocking caps to decrease the hair’s proximity to the head, thus creating a sleek flat platform. Alternatively, ladies can utilize hairspray or styling gels to aid them in securing the stocking cap in the ideal position and then blow dry the hair using a cool breeze. When utilizing stocking caps, cut every unnecessary cloth from the forehead. The trimming of excess fabric creates a seamless base for the wig.
  2. Hold a wig grip around the edge of your hair to ensure that it sets itself nicely behind the ears. Regulate the cap’s proportion and fasten it to your dome using Velcro cloth.
  3. Secure the hair unit atop a wig grip in front of your dome. Ensure that the wig grip’s edge and the lace front wig’s edge match.
  4. Mildly tag your unit, so it takes up a favorable position on top of your head. Feel free to alter the unit’s position so that it gets in the proper position and you feel comfortable.
  5. Insert clips to the hair on the side you desire for your face. Later, trim the extra lace located at the wig’s front.
  6. Eliminate any clips that you find and continue to structure your baby hair to suit your needs.


Before you start installing your wig, be sure to set up your hair in a manner that allows you to be able to commence the process. Preparing natural hair before installing a wig is essential because it goes a long way in permitting you to have your novel look. The techniques you can use when readying your hair for wig installation differ following the thickness, texture, and length of your hair. The bottom line is that your hair needs to be as smooth and flat as possible because this will allow your wig’s installation to go off without a hitch.


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