If you are a Fifa player that has been playing for many years, you will know that Ea sports, as a brand, understands what it means to show fan loyalty. You are also thinking of how to get code for the Fifa 23 closed beta tournament. If you are still new in the Fifa business and you do not understand, you should continue reading this article. We will explain what the Fifa closed beta is and how you can get involved and get your code. Let’s go!

What is Fifa 23 closed beta?

Fifa 23 closed beta is a way of Fifa appreciating their true players who have stayed loyal to the brand. The idea of the closed beta is to enjoy the new features of the new Fifa 23 game before its release date. Fifa 23 as a game usually comes by September or October. But the closed beta starts before that. Fifa 23 is the last Fifa game that will come out with that name tag. The company has promised that they will be rebranding into another name as, EA Sports FC. However, as a Parting gift, the true fans of the game will get to test the new features, including the amazing cross play and world cup tournament.

What is the expected start date?

Fifa 23 Closed Beta starts in the middle of August. This is not an official date from Fifa, but based on a brand that releases its games around the same time each year, this will not be any different. Fifa usually comes out by the ending of September or the beginning of October.

What is the process of acquiring Fifa 23 codes

Fifa closed beta competition is for only players who have been playing the game with all dedication. You get into the tournament through codes. Getting these codes is where there is a big challenge of stiff competition from other players. However, to start with, you must be an avid player of the game. After that, it is better if you play the Fifa ultimate team and you have a good presence in that game. Another way to get the code is to get on the email list of FIFA. It is only a few players that get selected, and it is done at random. To apply for the codes, you can follow these steps

  • Visit the official website for EA Sports
  • Ensure you are logged on to your account
  • Agree to all newsletters from EA
  • Keep checking your email entirely for any code when the date is near.


EA Sports have been doing a great job with the Fifa game since its inception. This game has millions of players worldwide, and it continues to increase. One great reason for the continued rise of the Fifa game is the reality of the game and continuous improvements.  The game is so realistic that it seems like the player is right there on the field. The game is also always improving as you want it. Fifa also finds creative ways to engage its most loyal consumers. One of the ways is through the closed beta tournament, as described above. You can read the article for any information you need.


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